Game: Baseborn

Baseborn is a real-time, fantasy adventure game. It was my final project for my AG101 Intro to Game Programming course.
You can download it here: Baseborn Download
You can view the project repository here: Baseborn Source Code
(NOTE: Baseborn was called Ifrit during development. Hence, the name on the repository.)

Screenshot from Baseborn

This was not the first game I made, but it was the first that could really be considered a full project. I worked on it with a friend and (at the time) fellow classmate, Jake Albano.

The following are several blog posts that we have already written for this game:

We collaborated on most things, but here are the things that are primarily my work:

    • Sound Effects
    • Music
    • Audio Programming
    • Character Animations
    • HUD Art and Programming
    • Environment Art

This was our first project together, and it produced an awesome personal and business relationship.
Because of our experiences working together on this project, we created our own indie game company called…

That’s pronounced “thaw” “muh” “ter” “jist”. To find out more about us, check out our website,, or our facebook page,


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