Game: Build & Chase (Board Game)

Build & Chase is a board game I created for a class assignment.
You can download it as a PDF here: Build & Chase download
Right-click and select “Save target as” to download, or left-click to just view it.

These were the restrictions I had to work within when creating Build & Chase:

    • The game board had to fit on one 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper
    • The rules had to be contained in two typical Word documents
    • I could use no more than two 8.5″ x 11″ sheets for game items
    • I could have no more than 20 game items
    • No color was allowed

It may take a short time to grasp all the rules, but once you’ve done so, the game is rather straightforward.

The main objective is to grab the flag in the middle of the board and bring it back to your side of the board before your opponent catches up and steals it back.

My thought process in designing it was rather sporadic. I first thought of using two die to represent different kinds of movement, and from there, most everything else was designed on the fly. I did want to have some sort of customization in the game, which wound up taking the form of placing obstacles on the board as desired. I also wanted to create suspenseful situations to increase the level of excitement and interest. I went about this by putting the flag carrier at a slight disadvantage, while still allowing the randomness of a die roll to significantly affect events. There also wound up being a good deal of strategy behind obstacle placement.

In creating my game, I was forced to think of how to make something that was fun and engaging, but incredibly simple at the same time. It allowed me to analyze core elements of a game, what effect they have on the game experience, and how they can work together to create something fun.

There are some rules I would like to clarify for my game, such as which sides of the board to start on, but overall I am quite pleased with it. While designing it, I was thinking about how it would be great fun if I could expand the game board size, then let multiple people play together with 2 teams of 4. It would allow for some great team strategizing.


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