Game: The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is a very satirical, fantasy RPG/Adventure game. It was created in 48 hours for an NHTI game jam.

You can play it on Newgrounds here: The Hero’s Journey on Newgrounds

Screenshot of The Hero’s Journey

I worked on this game with two other people, Jake Albano and Paul Ouellette.

This game jam was hosted by our college, NHTI. The theme was procedural generation. To satisfy the theme, we have the following:

    • The character’s hair, torso, and arm colors are randomly generated.
    • The world is procedurally generated.
    • Loot drops will be either a sword, a shield, gold, or a diary.
    • Swords and shields combine a random prefix and suffix to generate it’s name.
    • Swords and shields will bring up your stats by a random amount (within a limit).
    • Gold drops gives you a random amount of gold (within a limit).
    • Diaries combine a random pre-written beginning section with a random pre-written ending section to form the entries.

Here is what my share of the work was:

    • Creation and implementation of sound effects and music. (The Hero’s Journey Original Soundtrack)
    • All audio programming.
    • Grayscale effect.
    • World tile art.
    • Character/loot art.
    • Meter and stats HUD art.
    • Co-writing of diaries.

This game was a blast to make, and I am quite pleased with some of the simple things in it. For example, if the player is standing on a sand/beach tile, an ambient ocean wave sound is heard.
All sound effects were created using as3sfxr.


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