Game: Thirty Years After Year Zero

Thirty Days After Year Zero (TDAYZ) was a game my friend Jake Albano and I created for a 48-hour game jam.

You can play it on Kongregate here: Thirty Days After Year Zero on Kongregate

For this jam, we had our friends and anyone else vote on a theme and genre. We took the highest and lowest voted choices, and combined them, much like Mojang’s Mojam.

You can see the poll on our website here: Thaumaturgist Games 48-Hour Game Jam Poll.

What we wound up creating (after doing some tie-breaking) was a Post-Apocalyptic Sci-fi Beat-em-up RPG.

Screenshot of T.D.A.Y.Z.

We both wrote post-mortem blog posts for this jam. Here is mine: Post Game Jam Wrap-Up

As can be seen in my blog post, this jam was a little rough for us. It was my first ever game jam, and Jake’s first jam with another person. We learned many things about working in a game jam though, and in the end it was still a very valuable experience.

For this jam, here is what I did:



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