Game: Vigilante

Vigilante is a side-scrolling action platformer. It was my team final project for my AG131 Intro to 2D and 3D Game Development course.

Click here to download the game:

Click here to view the source code: Vigilante Source Code

Click here to view and download the soundtrack: Vigilante Original Soundtrack

Screenshot from Vigilante

The original idea for this game was to give it a classic Metroid vibe, with lots of parkour moves, and a Gears of War-style cover system.

Well, the art assets turned into a time-sucking vortex. We had to make many cuts, and limit ourselves to something simple.

Regardless, it was an excellent experience, and many good things came of it. I learned how to use Mappy to generate levels, I refined my screen-scrolling camera skills, and I learned about SAT collision.

Here is what I worked on in this project:

    • Creation and implementation of music. (Vigilante Original Soundtrack)
    • Implementation of sound effects.
    • All audio programming.
    • AI (very simple)
    • Level loading from Mappy
    • HUD, menu, enemy, and parallax background art
    • Control scheme
    • Collision

I spent a lot of time researching and implementing SAT Collision. Though it is not incredibly stable, I managed to create classes and take copious notes on the subject that could be useful to anyone.

You can see them here: SAT Collision Code


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