Game: Awesome Blocky (I Don’t Like HTML5/Javascript)

So I made a game with HTML5/Javascript. I’m calling it Awesome Blocky for no particular reason, other than everything is boxes. You can download it here:  Awesome Blocky Download


I’ll be honest, I would not have done this if I didn’t have to. This was made for a class I’m taking right now. The idea was just to show a basic understanding of HTML5 and Javascript. This game probably took a total of 8-12 hours to make, but even still, I have had more than my fill.

It turns out that in Javascript, color values formatted as “FFFFFF” work in Chrome and Safari, but break in IE, Opera, and Firefox (it just turns to black). If you want it to work in any of the latter 3 browsers, you need to do colors as “#FFFFFF”. This is such a small thing, which is why it infuriates me that the offending browsers don’t just support it!

Additionally, constants are not allowed in IE. It causes an error, and the program simply does not run. You gotta use vars.

On top of this, these fixes are assuming you’re running the most recent versions of the browsers! There are probably loads more issues with older versions.

To take it a step further, this game I made is incredibly simple, and I hardly used any of the functionality of HTML5 or Javascript. I’m sure there is a whole other world of conflicts that come up with the other features.

With such flaky support across browsers even for absurdly simple things, and with how butt-awful-nasty Javascript is, I cannot take HTML5/Javascript seriously. I hope it’s a good long while before I have to deal with these again.

Game: No Other Home

From March 8th-10th, NASA hosted a nationwide 48-hour game jam! This was really cool of them to do. I’m extremely happy to see such a “high-profile” group publicly respecting and encouraging games.

The theme for the jam, unsurprisingly, was “space”. There were a few optional design restrictions presented to us, but I think we ignored most, if not all of them.

What we made is a sort of space exploration game with elements of a bullet hell thrown in. You can download it here: No Other Home (Download)


The premise is that an alien race has invaded your solar system, and overtaken your home planet. In order to reclaim your home, you must go to each neighboring planet and eliminate the aliens. After you have cleared each planet, their mothership will appear, and you can board it to fight their “supreme ruler” (the boss).

The whole solar system deal was programmed by Jake, and I think it’s beautiful. We restricted it to generate only 5 planets, but each one has a random size, random color, and is a random distance from the previous planet. Within each planet is an entire little world that is also randomly generated.

Here’s most of what I did in this game:

  • Almost all art
  • Gathered most sound effects
  • Wrote/Recorded all music (No Other Home Soundtrack)
  • Some programming for the boss
  • HUD programming
  • Player input/movement programming

As cool as this game jam was, there was a rather uninspiring “aura” where we took part in it. Not a lot of people showed up for the event, and lots of people left in the middle of it or just stopped even trying to make a game. We got rather exhausted, and our motivation diminished rather quickly. I don’t think this game we made is bad, but I feel like the lack of inspiration shows.

It’s probably safe to say that I won’t be participating in another 48-hour game jam for several months. I’ve gotten a little burnt out, and there’s only so much you can do in that short amount of time. Plus, I want to focus on more important games for a while.