Games I’ve Created

This is a list of games I have created alone or with a team. They appear in the order they were created.

The Hero’s Journey: A 2-D procedurally-generated  satirical fantasy RPG.

Build & Chase: A strategical, fort-building, capture-the-flag board game.

Thirty Days After Year Zero (T.D.A.Y.Z.): A 2-D post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, beat-em-up, RPG.

Vigilante: A 2-D parkour action platformer.

PGTBDCRPG: A 2-D procedurally-generated, turn-based, dungeon-crawling, role-playing game without a real name.

Baseborn: A 2-D fantasy action platformer.

Clickfest in Space: A 2-D beat-the-timer clickfest.


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